Spina Bifida – Questions, Questions, Questions

“Why do you walk weirdly?”                       “What’s the matter with your legs?”                     “Why do you use crutches?”      “Does it hurt?”           “Can I get it?” “How come you’re in a wheelchair?”                     “Did you have an accident?” “Will you always walk like that?”     “Can’t you take some medicine to make it better?”         “Why do you take so long to go to the toilet?”                              “Can you … Continue reading Spina Bifida – Questions, Questions, Questions


Today’s post takes on a slightly different tone to my previous written rambles. When I was first encouraged to write this blog I wanted from the outset for it to be a true and honest reflection of what life with a disability is like. I wanted it to cover the highs and lows that people with disabilities (and their nearest and dearest) experience. I wanted … Continue reading Ouch.

Disability Dating

Update After a long hiatus from writing “The Girl With The Pearl Scooter”, I am making my glorious return to your computer screens! The reasons for my absence are plentiful. During the last 18 months I have met a guy, got engaged, and started a new job. To add to the grown up-ness we even bought and moved into our first home together this month! … Continue reading Disability Dating

An Ode to Siblings

In April of this year hundreds of people across Facebook took to their timelines to celebrate “National Siblings Day” by posting photos of themselves with their brother or sister and declaring reasons why their sibling is the best. This got me thinking about my own family…   Siblings in the family of an individual with a disability sometimes get a rough deal. Routine hospital appointments, illnesses … Continue reading An Ode to Siblings